Crimes against children are increasing – and they frequently span across borders, resulting in significant complexities related to cross-agency collaboration, multi-jurisdictional compliance and overwhelming amounts of data.

While connected devices and networks offer numerous benefits, they have also opened channels for predators to exploit children and disseminate explicit material. Every day, there are reports of children facing the tragic reality of sexual exploitation and abuse.

Watch the first episode of UpLIFT, where we delve into the realistic problems we’re facing when it comes to battling crimes against children and learn about how law enforcement can leverage digital investigative solutions to fight it. Jared Barnhart and Heather Mahalik Barnhart delve into Operation Find Them All and here from our key partners. Join us!


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Heather Mahalik Barnhart
Senior Director of Digital Intelligence

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Jared Barnhart
Digital Intelligence Specialist

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