Mission Statement

The growing scale of online child exploitation and the lack of comprehensive tools and resources pose a significant challenge for law enforcement. Our goal is to leave no child undiscovered, no crime unseen, no perpetrator untraced and no imagery left online. 

of crimes today involve significant digital evidence and digital evidence is increasingly more important to solving cases. Cellebrite’s purpose-built platforms help break down silos and allow stakeholders to reach maximum efficiency while ensuring privacy and chain of evidence protocols.

This makes our platform especially effective in combating crimes against children, where it is crucial to ensure complete confidentiality and integrity while achieving justice.

In today’s complex digital world, we assist public safety organizations by helping them leverage technology that provides reliable and objective evidence, enabling them to solve crimes and complete missions efficiently.

What solving cases in a digital world means…


Our partnerships help uncover hidden crimes, accelerate justice and protect our collective future.

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  • Raven

    Raven is an advocacy group dedicated to combating child exploitation. They work to increase funding, enhance information sharing, hold technology companies accountable and lobby for policy changes to protect vulnerable children.

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  • Exodus Road 

    Exodus Road fights human trafficking by partnering with law enforcement, training them, and using technology to identify victims and build cases. Their mission is to disrupt slavery, protect the vulnerable and empower survivors on their path to freedom.

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  • National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) 

    NCMEC, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to preventing child exploitation, finding missing children and ensuring child safety. They work with families, law enforcement and the public to prevent abductions and combat child sexual exploitation, providing every child with a safe childhood.

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